EXO, The Life Wreckers

04 Jan

I hate the fact that my blog looks ugly without any posts being published – so here I am, trying to make it look less than an eyesore. So anyway, based from the title, I would be talking about EXO – or what EXOtics usually called as ‘The Life Wreckers’, ‘The Bias List Wreckers’, and whatsoever. Why they were known as that is because these nearly perfect human beings did those crimes and acted as if they did especially nothing! They committed arson… because they set fire in the hearts of most of the female population in the whole world /slapped.

Anyway, EXO being the trendy group worldwide nowadays had captured almost all fans from other fandoms because of their catchy songs, awesome choreography, captivating visuals, soothing vocals and most importantly, adorkable personality. That word deprives from the word ‘adorable’ and ‘dork’, if you didn’t know. Being the cool guys they are on stage, they are actually a bunch of kids who need guidance downstage… -_- They are also famous for portraying their derp face in front of the camera and thus, received so much laughing stock and unexpected attention that only bring up their popularity.


You see what I mean now? And this was just the beginning…
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

EXO debuted on 8th April 2012, a few days before the maknae, Oh Sehun‘s birthday. You know, I never feel so proud before to be loving these boys ever since they debuted since I usually go obsess over some groups a few weeks or months after they launched their popularity.

As lots of you know, EXO is famous for their tendency to display skinships and intimacy in public that immediately rose squeals and shrieks from fans. By far, Hunhan has been my all-time fave ever since 2012 because of their bromance and it hurts knowing that they weren’t on the same subgroup ;; But then, ever since I watched EXO’s Showtime, I kept on seeing that HunHan wasn’t the sweetest OTP ever and that broke my heart a bit. Instead, KaiSoo looked more intimate and I feel like soaring since KaiSoo is my second fave in EXO < 3 I didn’t ship BaekYeol that much anymore after I saw ChenBaek together ;; They ruined me, okay? Curse them for being so perfect with each other. I mean, just go get married! I don’t care how to you two couldn’t get preggo or anything! Just take care of pets or something /slapped hard.

Since EXO consists of 12 guys, almost all EXOtics claimed that it’s hard to pick one bias since all the members have their own charms and high points that are so irresistible. I, too have to admit that this is so true. My bias changed several times throughout these years with EXO and I regret nothing ;3

So on 2012, while watching their debut music video (History), Kai actually caught my eyes. His tanned skin, his plump lips and his charming eyes are simply captivating but so did Baekhyun‘s eyeliner-ed eyes ;; But eventually, when I saw ‘MAMA’, Chanyeol came capturing my heart like a thief and he became my longest bias on the year – but only for a few months or so because after I read a fanfiction on Asianfanfics, Kris made me crown him as my new bias and he stood still until now.

At first, Kris, to me, is err… ugly. Well, his predebut pictures when he’s at school made me fall off my chair and choking on my own spit but eventually, he grew up to be such a perfect young man ;; He has the most gorgeous eyes (although on EXO’s Showtime episode 6 he said otherwise), plump lips, perfect jawline, sexy thick eyebrows – Oh dear God /dies. The main point of him is his ginormous height that eventually defeated TVXQ‘s Changmin. I kept on telling my sis that when I grow up, I won’t ever marry anyone like Kris because I will have to build a taller door. I am so mean ;; And yeah, I guess I’ll apologize to Zelo as well…

So let me tell you how EXO ruined my life… /sighs. Ever since I entered their fandom, I have stopped liking Teen Top and Infinite. I mean, I had promised myself that those two groups would be my fave until forever… But now EXO made me break that promise and believe me, I regret that. Because after that, I have become such an obsessed fangirl and stopped focusing on my studies – and that is sooo bad. So after liking them, I started collecting their birthdates and made them ring on my phone calendar so I could brag to my friends that it is one of the boys’ birthdays so they could at least wish him a nice one.

After that, I started searching for their shows on YouTube and various of sites but I don’t know why that I just couldn’t stand watching their videos for more than twice. I always watch the shows they’re in once because I don’t know, my heart just react funnily. Right now, I think I know why and that’s because they weren’t being themselves or wasn’t that funny. Because so far, the only shows they were featured in that I could stand watching are EXO’s Showtime, Oven Radio, Running Man and Weekly Idol – and that’s it. I really want EXO to loosen up a bit, appear in more variety shows and show them their true selves because they’re more charming when they do.

That’s all? Not yet. After discovering an online shop on Facebook, I realized that I could buy EXO albums and merchandises, and you could just imagine how thin my wallet at the moment. Yeap. EXO made me spend my money on them on useless things! I bought lots of their things; necklaces, bracelets, shirts, MCM backpack, shoes and whatsoever. As Lay had said on his birthday last year, we shouldn’t spend much of our fortune on them and just love them and their songs, but sorry Xingxing, it was so unstoppable. It has become a part of my life now and that, I regretted a lot…

Right now, I kept on making wishlists on things I wanted to buy. I wanted to buy a new MCM backpack since my last one had the strap torn a bit. Then I wanted to buy their pens, clear files, notepads and gah! Like all of them! I wanted to complete their albums in my storage since I have sold some of them to my friends ;; Dammit.

Aside from them ruining my life, they kind of made my day as well c: They’re like breaking me down then building me back up – well, isn’t that just great? ;; Their songs especially soothed me. The melody, the vocals, the raps; They’re all very enthralling to me and I swear I listened to their songs over a hundred times.

From their debut album, my favourite song is ‘History’ because well, it’s the first song that I like from them. I even learned the dance moves and it took me forever to complete the choreography… I think I’m born with two left feet ;; Meanwhile, from their second album (which took like a century to be revealed /rolls eyes), my fave song is ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ and ‘Peter Pan’. ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ is like an all-time fave for me since I never get tired of hearing it ;; It is so soothing and held so many emotions that my heart was swelling so much, as cheesy as that sounds < 3 Meanwhile, ‘Peter Pan’ also has a good melody and lyrics that held so much meanings. Lots of fans had been making pictures saying that fans are ‘Tinkerbell‘ and EXO is ‘Peter Pan‘ and that someday Peter Pan will find Wendy and Tinkerbell would only watch from afar – I mean, come on, peeps.That is too saddening that I cried while reading that Q.Q But there’s a picture where some fans comforting that even though Wendy could be with Peter Pan, Peter Pan would forever be with Tinkerbell because the latter was the one who was always with him throughout his whole journey and whatnot. It was so dramatic, really XD


Here’s one of the pics that I’m talking about c:
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Meanwhile, from their repackage album (Growl), my fave is ‘XOXO’ because GOD! The song is just so beautiful and the lyrics are well-composed and understandable < 3 I heard KaiSoo joined in composing the lyrics? ._. ‘Lucky’ didn’t captivate me that much, but nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful song c: Lastly, on their Christmas special album, my fave is ‘My Turn to Cry’ and ‘Miracles in December’ < 3 ‘My Turn to Cry’ has a soothing and nice melody while ‘Miracles in December’ has lyrics that made me feel woeful and sorrow. I just could feel the sadness that it was trying to portray about how the girl left him because he was being selfish or whatsoever. It was a nice song. And LOL. Firstly, it was ‘Growl’ that attracted too much attention because the staff was mistakenly assumed being a ghost in the MV and rumours spread that the building was once a place where murders were committed XD And now, on ‘Miracles in December’ MV (Chinese Version), there’s a tiny, short part on Xiumin (I think it’s on 2:40+) where people could hear the sound of a baby crying XD OMG. EXOtics should be called ‘Sherlocks‘ when their fandom name is official XD

To say the least, my least favourite song from ‘EXO’ is ‘MAMA’. I used to love ‘MAMA’, used to sing it everyday but now, I stop myself because the lyrics are kind of suspicious. ‘MAMA’ is your Majesty/your Highness and who are they referring to? ;; As a Muslim, this can be dangerous and sinful if we’re not careful. And plus, I bet you know how creepy the MVs are with the pillars, the cloaks, the devil-like figure as Kris and Chanyeol performed their powers, etc. I don’t want this to offend anyone but I’m just stating my opinion.

As fans, it’s normal for me to daydream about myself and my biases. Normal, right? /shrugs. So yeah. To appease myself and to make my imaginations alive, I wrote fanfics and yeap, they pretty much become a part of life now. Writing is so much fun and I’ve been considering whether I should become a writer in the future. But it was hard, no? I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher as well… /sighs. This proved how difficult it is to find a job…

Well, I guess I talked too much here. It was like 4:06AM right now and darn it, I need to go to the kitchen to hunt some food! ;;

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